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90 degree valve extensioncable LubricatorSilkolene chain lubeSilkolene Silkopen

Silkolene Chain Lube 900ml


The best chain lube in our opinion when correctly applied, the lubraction stays on the chain without flying onto the back wheel, easy applicator allows the lubricate to be sprayed directly onto the lower chain in the middle of the rollers.

£8.65 ex vat

Silkolene Silkopen 400ml


This is a highly reccomened cable lubricator which helps in prolonging cable life and seizure of components. Best used in conjunction with a cable lubricator

£5.17 ex vat

Cable Lubricator


Very easy to use, simply place cable within the applicator and screw closed. Using Silkolene Silkopen, spray into applicator which in turn with lubricator the entire length of cable.

90 degree valve extension


Ever been caught out on a ride and need to used a petrol station air pump? Only to find that the applicator won't fit on your valve? Using the 90 degree vakve extension that won't be a problem ever again - extremely handy to have.

£3.30 ex vat

£4.35 ex vat

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